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Puppy food

Puppy food

We love Great Lakes Puppy food so much that we now a distributor.  We love our puppies and want all the families that adopt our puppies a chance to save some money.  When you buy a puppy from us you can also get the food from us.  We will even sell it to you at $20 discount from the online retail price.  All you have to do is let us know you saw this and you will get the discount.

  • Why Grain Free?

    The simplest answer is your dog does not run to the nearest grain field and eat the grain.  They just don’t naturally eat wheat, corn, rice, barley, oats, canola, sorghum, and/or soybeans.  Dogs are not cows!

    The more complex answer is that your dog’s digestive tract has formed to digest meats and fats.  Your dog is not a sheep, goat, cow, deer, elk, etc.  These animals have four chamber stomachs, enzymes and bacteria to digest grains and grasses, chew the cud, and have a digestive tract 20 times the length of their body.  Your dog has a single stomach, enzymes and bacteria to digest meats and fats, and have a digestive tract 2 1/2 times the length of their body.  Your dog will naturally eat meats and fats.  Cows will naturally eat grains and grasses.   Don’t try to make your dog a cow by feeding it grain.

    Knowing these things about is so important because 70-80% of the  immune system is located in the digestive tract.  Feeding your dog grain will stress their immune system which opens the door for a multitude of diseases, allergies, and sensitivities to come in.  On top of weakening their immune system, your dog will not be able to extract the proper nutrients from the grains because they are not designed to.  Without the proper nutrients your dog will be left under nourished and with a weak immune system.

    Feed Great Lakes Pet Food to your dogs so that they have strong immune systems, receive proper nutrients, and are as healthy as possible.

  • Less poop, Less Smell, Better Stool !!!

    Less Poop:  Have you realized you’re not picking up as much poo?  It’s because you are feeding them a nutritional food without the grain fillers. Your dog will be eating approximately 40% less and less going in means less coming out. 

    Less Smell:  Your dog’s digestion tract will no longer be working overtime trying to digest grains, which it never fully does.  When digestion isn’t complete, the food rots in the gut, producing a fouler smelling poop. 

    Better Stool:  When everything is working properly, the stool will be nice and firm and the smell won’t knock you over!

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