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This Snickers, a female shihpoo. Genesse is the mom, she is a shitzu. Sebastin is the dad, he is a toy poodle. This litter was born on September 10th and will be ready to go to on November 5th.  We are allowing visits to come and meet the puppies, by appoinment only.  No Sunday appoinments.


    We do offer delivery of the puppies.  There is a fee based on mileage.  We also will take the puppies to the airport to be delivered to you, this is also for an extra fee.

  • General Puppy Information

    All of our puppies come with a Health Certificate and are up to date on their shots.  They are also wormed.  We excersie the parents and puppies daily.  They are well socialized with children of all ages, adults and are around a variety of other animals.  We also microchip all of the puppies.  We have also started them on puppy food.

  • Health Guarantee

    Poodle Paradise Health Guarantee


    Our Promise: Thank you for adopting one of our puppies! We want to make this a stress free and enjoyable experience for you and your family. We take extreme pride in our puppies, their health, and our facilities in order to provide you with the perfect puppy.

    Term: This guarantee shall commence on the date the adoption process is complete and continue for two weeks from that date.

    Coverage: Congenital or hereditary conditions that are not written in the conditions explained and illnesses occurring within three days of going to Adopter’s home. Not Covered: Viral illnesses past three days from bringing puppy home, hypoglycemia, infections, improper bites, or common parasites such as coccidia, giardia, roundworms etc. Claims: Claims require a written diagnosis by a veterinarian, which is then verified by the Breeder’s veterinarian. Claims must be reported to Breeder within 24 hours of diagnosis. Resolutions: Claims will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The Breeder has the right to be involved in decisions being made regarding treatment and/or surgery. In the event the puppy has a congenital defect or hereditary condition, a replacement puppy of equal value may be chosen by the Breeder from the next available litter. If the puppy dies from a congenital or hereditary defect an autopsy must be done to confirm the cause of death in order to receive a replacement puppy of equal value chosen by the Breeder. Reimbursement for veterinary expenses shall not exceed half the price of the puppy. Disputes: All disputes unable to be resolved between Breeder and Adopter will be resolved by binding arbitration using American Arbitration Association rules. Arbitration and any court action to enforce an arbitration award shall take place only in the county in which the dog was adopted.

    Take Note: We do everything possible to prevent parasites by routinely treating our mothers and puppies. With this said, puppies are very susceptible to contracting parasites. Mother dogs also are more vulnerable to parasites when they have puppies and may pass them along to the puppies. Depending on the life cycle of a parasite, it is possible for a puppy to go home with a parasite even with treatments.

    Nutritional Guidelines: We choose to feed Great Lakes Pet Food because of the positive health benefits we have observed in our dogs and are willing to guarantee the health of your dog if you choose to feed it as well. To better understand the importance of grain free nutrition, please go to the F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) tab on the Great Lakes Pet Food website. Products are available to order online at

    Disclaimer: Breeder makes no guarantees; either expressed or implied, to purchaser other than specifically set forth herein.

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